Gift Ideas for Wedding Party

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Gift Ideas for Wedding Party

It is customary to honor your bridesmaids and groomsman for their participation in your wedding with a gift of appreciation.  Traditional gifts include a piece of jewelry such as earrings or a necklace that complements their bridesmaids dress and can be worn on the wedding day, but many bridesmaids will truly appreciate a more unique gift idea.  With careful consideration you may be able to give your bridesmaids gifts that show your appreciation for their assistance and also demonstrate that you understand their personality as well.  Choosing a gift for the groomsmen could be a difficult task for many grooms.  Most grooms don’t want to go with a gift that is too traditional or unoriginal but they also struggle with feelings that a gift that is too creative may not be appropriate.

A photo album complete with a picture of you and the bridesmaid or the entire wedding party can be another unique gift idea for the bridesmaids. You could purchase photo albums with the date of your wedding engraved on the front cover and start the photo album with a picture of you and the bridesmaid. This is a wonderful gift idea because the bridesmaid can place her photos from the wedding day in the album and will always have a precious souvenir from your wedding day.

Gift certificates to a spa or a salon also make unique gift ideas for your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids most likely spent a great deal of time and energy in helping you to plan your wedding. The week prior to your wedding was also probably especially hectic with a great deal of last minute details to attend to and errands to run. While you will have your honeymoon to relax and renew your energy your bridesmaids do not have this luxury, so by honoring them and presenting them with a gift certificate to a spa or salon, you are giving them the gift or being pampered and the gift of relaxation.

A few more unique gift ideas for your bridesmaids gifts include handcrafted or homemade gifts. For example you could put together a CD of some of your bridesmaids favorite songs. You could make the CDs different for each bridesmaid and include a photo of the two of you on the cover or even include a heartfelt poem on the inside of the CD cover. You could also create a scrapbook for each of your bridesmaids. You could either make the scrapbook a memory of your entire friendship together and include photos and other items from your various adventures throughout the years, or if you plan ahead and take many photos documenting your wedding preparations, you could create scrapbooks as a remembrance of the wedding planning that you shared.

Another unique gift idea for a bride to give to her bridesmaids is a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Assisting in your wedding preparations was probably extremely stressful and time consuming for the bridesmaids and they certainly deserve a night on the town and the opportunity to not have to cook for a night. This simple gift lets your bridesmaids know that you appreciate their efforts and that you want to thank them for all that they have done to support you.

Unique gift ideas for the bridesmaids can also stem from the wedding theme. For example if you are having a beach themed wedding you might want to give your bridesmaids a gift of a tote bag, a beach towel and a novel to enjoy on the beach. This unique gift idea ensures that your bridesmaids will remember your wedding fondly the next time they are at the beach.

Although the tradition of the bride and groom exchanging gifts on their wedding day is beginning to fade, many couples still wish to honor this tradition. Many couples spend so much money on their wedding and reception that they feel as though they cannot afford the additional expense of buying gifts for each other. While it may be true that the couple cannot afford one more extravagant gift it is also true that a truly thoughtful gift for the groom does not have to be overly expensive. If the couple is partaking in this tradition it is advisable that they exchange gifts that truly reflect the personality of their spouse.

Above all enjoy your day and remember its the thought that counts.

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Wedding Customs Around The World

wedding customsWant to make your wedding extra special? Consider choosing elements from traditional wedding ceremonies around the world! Here are some of the ways lovers come together for a lifetime in different cultures.

You may find some unique ideas to personalise your own day of days.

Africa – Did you know that in some modern-day African tribes, the wrists of the bride and groom are still bound with braided grass ties to symbolise their union?

Spain – The brides of early Spain got to wear what may be the most beautiful of all wedding headdresses: Delicate lace mantillas over the hair with orange blossoms judiciously tucked in!

China – The colour of love in China is red, and the bridal gown was a brilliant red until just recently in that country. Party favours, flowers, candles and so on were also typically a bright and glowing scarlet.

Russia – Party favours to express appreciation to the wedding guests include tiny pictures, small candies or other exquisite little items.

Mexico – Several nice traditions still survive in old Mexican wedding ceremonies. One custom encircles the bride and groom in a loose lasso made of some pretty, soft cord twisted into a figure eight or infinity symbol.

Finland – Brides of old in Finland got to wear a crown of gold, which was featured in their “Dance of the Crowns.” The crown, a gold-coloured wreath wrapped prettily around the bride’s head, was used to crown another maiden during the dance.

Ireland – Instead of the usual white wedding cake, Irish wedding receptions feature a brandy or bourbon soaked fruit cake, heavy on the spice!

Italy – In Italy, the wedding guests toss what they call “confetti,” which is not coloured paper, but almonds sprinkled with sugar. You will almost surely find these almonds gathered into pretty nets, tied with a bow and given out as thank-you’s to wedding guests.

Poland – This country originated what’s known as “the money dance,” a popular custom which has now made its way into many other culture’s wedding parties. The guests dance with the couple and pin money to their clothes to give them a little start in their new life.

Germany – A lovely idea for using candles comes to us from Germany. The custom is for the wedding couple to both hold decorated candles, which are then lit when the ceremony concludes.

What ever traditions you choose we wish you a happy wedding and a blessed life!

Till next time