Bridal Gown

bridal gownBridal Gown – what will happen to it on the Wedding Day

‘It can be difficult for a bride to put on their dream wedding dress and once they step outside, the dress is going to drag on the ground and it’s going to get dirty. It’s going to pick up leaves and twigs, act like a bug catcher and there’s a big chance it will snag on something and rip.

It’s the reality of wearing a wedding dress on a wedding day. You really need to ‘let go of it’ once you put it on.

Understand that it’s going to get a little grubby and although it might not make you happy, it’s part of a wedding day. If you think somebody is going to follow you all day long lifting your dress up, think again. That novelty wears off quickly.

If you are really concerned about this, I would have two people designated to do nothing more than take turns in holding the back of your dress when you’re walking around.

If it get’s a little grubby, so what? No one will notice anyway. You won’t be wearing it again and it will come out with dry cleaning.

You must always be careful getting in and out of cars. Wedding hire cars will have a cover to put over the wheel for protection. If you rub your white dress against the black tyre, you are going to get a black mark that won’t come off and don’t even try as you’ll make it worse. There’s more of a risk of tyre marks if you’re just using private cars, as they won’t have a wheel cover. A bride should avoid red wine and any food or drink with strong colour while wearing the dress.

After the wedding day you need to get your dress dry cleaned by professionals who understand how to clean a wedding dress correctly so it can be packed away and stored in your cupboard for safe keeping. Do this within a few weeks of the wedding in case you have a stain that gets worse with time.

If you are going to sell your dress you will need it dry cleaned so the process is unavoidable. Get at least three quotes as I’ve seen quotes from $50 to a $1000 so work out what your budget is and shop around.’

Thanks again Sue for your amazing advice. To find out more about Sue, her wedding photography and her book ‘Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Day… But No One Will Tell You’ visit her website