How to find memorable Wedding favours

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How to find memorable Wedding favours.

Your wedding is not just a celebration of your love, it is also a way to thank the special people in your life. Wedding favors, in particular, are the expression of that gratitude. It says thank you for being there and also, is a token of affection.

That’s why couples should give as much thought to their wedding favors as they do to any other detail in the wedding. Why give something boring and generic, which will only end up gathering dust in the corner of a closet? Make it special, make it beautiful, and make it unique something that, when seen, will make them remember you and your wedding.

You’ll find many unique ideas for wedding favors. Here are just things to consider as you choose from the selection:

* Follow your wedding theme. Did you have a beach wedding? A little glass jar with sand and shells can be used as a paperweight. Add a romantic quote or a verse from a poem with a sea theme, and you have something appropriate and practical. Dried flowers pinned against a refrigerator magnet make a lovely garden wedding favor, while a Medieval themed wedding can have chocolate coins in a velvet pouch.

* Be nostalgic. Dress up a photo frame with a couple portrait, or a CD with your favorite music. Even an ordinary box, useful for odds and ends like paperclips or jewellery, becomes a touching wedding favor if it’s filled with potpourri and a personal note from the couple thanking the guest for sweet memories.

* Give something useful, but dainty. What about a champagne charm with a heart (to ‘toast’ your new life), with a note that says that you hope that your guest will have many days as happy as this wedding is for you? A sachet with potpourri, to put into the closet, can also carry the scent of the flowers in your bouquet. These are things that they won’t buy for themselves, but will definitely appreciate while carrying the theme of your wedding.

* Think ‘sweets’. Chocolates and candies are always a welcome souvenir, and can be wrapped to reflect the theme of your wedding. If you have a very elegant evening wedding, try rum balls in a small gold box; or if you have a seaside wedding, give chocolates shaped like sea shells. You can even ask some suppliers to form your monogram into a chocolate, or have chocolate handpainted to look like little bouquets of flowers.

* Even ordinary wedding favors become extra special if they’re presented properly. Try grouping your wedding favors to become part of the table centerpiece. For example, little boxes of chocolate, arranged in a tier, can add to the beauty of the reception area. Or, you can have chocolate rosebuds inserted into your regular floral centrepiece. Now that’s a ‘sweet’ discovery!

There are so many unique wedding favors that the problem isn’t what to give, but which one to give. And with the large variety, there’s bound to be one that fits into your budget and theme.

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Unique Wedding Favours For Summer Theme Weddings

wedding favoursSmall gifts offered to guests attending your marriage known as wedding favours not only share your thought and ideas among guests but also are innovated idea of giving thanks to your guests. Wedding favours give you and your spouse immense satisfaction to give something back to your guests as a token of appreciation.

The carefully innovated ideas can be reproduced at your wedding to avoid wasteful favours. Wedding favours should be decorated at each table. The idea of putting a printed guest name and table number on place cards and wrapping with your favour will really surprise the guests. Some of the following wedding favours are suitable for summer theme wedding.

Fresh fruit or lemonade should be served to the guest especially during summer to keep them cool.

During summer beach marriages are most popular. The decoration of table and providing a beautiful beach chair will impress the guests. If mini glass lantern are provided in the lawn, it will boost the look and will provide a romantic feeling during peak summer evening.

You should select the seasonal colours such as purple, yellow, bright pink and blue. Pastel colours can also add a flavour to the summer wedding.

Leather Photo Frame: An excellent and unique favour to the guests should be provided at the guest table. A photo of your engagement, if provided will really impress the guests.

Coffee cup mini candle: These are the small candles in designer cups, when lit give the aroma of coffee and these cups are available online with a thank you tag. You may also give special orders to design the label or tag as per your wish. These are unique and useful.

Ice cream scoop wedding favours: These ice cream scoop-wedding favours are available online. These are sometimes specially designed as per your need and are made available to you. Most common are silver-plated.

Seashell candle wedding flavours: These are the most unique and most perfect for beach marriages. This will remind your guest the depth of sea and aroma of sea.

Heart shaped cup wedding favours: These cups looks nice and are able to tempt your guest in romantic moods. These cups are provided in beautiful packing and printed tags can also be provided as per your choice.

Heart shaped key ring: These are the beautiful key chains and reminds your guests your hearts all the time they use these key chains. These chains if personalised with engraved features supplied by you will really look unique.

Long stem rose candle: These are the long stem roses candles packed in cylindrical boxes, if decorated at the table will enhance the look and beauty of the table and surrounding. These are available online and come in various colours.

Sandalwood fan for wedding favours: These are suitable for summer wedding parties. These wedding favours are hand made and release the beautiful fragrance of sandalwood when waved. These are ideal for outdoor summer marriages and the ladies guests will like these wedding favours.

Bottle Opener: Bottle openers are required as and when there is a need to drink. Bottle openers available in beautiful designs and sometimes silver plated are good wedding favours to offer to the guests.

Porcelain Vase: These vases are available in elegant and beautiful styles. You can decorate these vases with the flowers of your choice. You can also personalise these vases with beautiful tags.

Just remember to be try to yourself choose something that reflects your personalities. At the end of the day,  the most important thing is that you will marry the one you love.

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